I am IO  a human like you and I’m writing because I’m bored to listen people talk about problems and greats ideas for the future. We are more of person living NOW on the planet, more of 1.400.000.000 living in poverty NOW! "Poverty" defined as an economic condition of lacking both MONEY and basic necessities needed to successfully live, such as food, water, education, healthcare, and shelter. It’s time to do something!
In my life I had the chance to study sciences, arts, philosophies, religions and more thanks to free information. I’ve decided to stop work a few years ago while having a convenient location and I’ve occupied my mind 1st to change my life and my little world in better and then to help people to build a good future. In order to change my life I have sold almost all in my possession and I start copying the bests. I have invested my time and all my moneys to copy the bests at that time. For sure to live like this, you need to lead a simple and sustainable life in love with nature, but this was my realized dream.
Observing the world we can only be positive because good things come from manure.
At this time on earth all problems are directly connects to MONEY, so at this time all the solutions are directly connects to MONEY.
If you think that I’m in reason and with money you can solve your problems: COPY THE BEST!
Then If you want help people to build a good future: SHARE YOUR SUCCESS!
90% of people playing lotteries, betting or trading stocks lost their money but NOW also with technology we have the possibility to copy the winners. Is like if 90% of lotto player's copy the for all!
Can you imagine, sciences without a universe to copy and living beings to share, arts without minds to copy and senses to share, philosophies without a knowledge to copy and cultures to share, religions without symbols to copy and followers to share?
So, here is what I think, do it is easy and change your future is done.